Friday, May 9, 2008

MY COLOUR IS_____???

PURPLE - feeling a little

WHITE - having problems.

GREEN - just relaxing.

YELLOW - addicted to candy.

PINK - feeling so happy.

GREY - having a boring time.

BLACK - craving for chocolate.

AQUA - hyper hyper.

ORANGE - not in love.

SKY BLUE - calm.

RED - happy because the
person you love loves you back.

GRAY - you like someone.

SILVER - thinking of someone.

MAGENTA - heart broken.

BROWN - the person you like doesn't
like you.

PEACH - you got a lot of fun
activities to do.

GOLD - saving money for this vacation.

BABY PINK - you're really in love and
you cant stop thinking about the

HOT PINK - you feel hot.

BLUE - you like someone
but you don't know how that
someone feels about you.

After looking for the color that you
feel, repost the color saying "my
colour is____"


ed yidrusz said...

buat blog x ckp...

princess ellain said...

my colours of course all the pink!!!

MeLLmeRaH said...

Red: ouch....who's dat...